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What is easier to learn; guitar, keyboard or violin?

I’ve tried guitar twice, and failed, my fingers just won’t co-ordinate themselves. Would keyboard be easier? I’ve always fancied the violin also.


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10 Responses to “What is easier to learn; guitar, keyboard or violin?”

  1. CHIRAG FRM PARDI said :


  2. Doctor Professor Affey said :

    i learnt to play the trumpet/euphonium around 11 and when i got to secondary school, i found the keyboard a doddle…all you really have to learn is the hand positioning…

    if you’ve tried the guitar, you probably can already read notes so they kayboard should be easy…

  3. Scream ur <3 out said :

    i think keyboard is rather easy to pick up 🙂

  4. Samantha said :

    You could try violin since your fingers aren’t co-ordinating. But I would recommend keyboard because than you could learn a lot of other instruments from there. Keyboard is the best instrument to learn if you are first playing an instrument. If you have played guitar for a while and have learned to read music, then go ahead with violin.

  5. Toniann said :

    Violin is a lot harder than it looks, I’ve been playing it for 6 years & I’m not perfect at it. The piano (or in your case, keyboard) is actually pretty simple, I know a few songs on it. As for the guitar, I’m not sure..I actually want to learn to play the guitar as well. 😛 Overall, it really depends on what you want to do!

  6. Juilette said :

    I play guitar and violin, Guitar is much easier to play and can be a handy skill for social events, play some songs for friends, cant really have much fun with violin…=]

  7. HassuR said :

    i think u should learn guitar first. it is more easy cuz it can help your finger automatically in the coordinate when u remember the song cords. It can teach the timing of your finger to moves from 1 to another. And one more, u will learn abt sounds and after that, u can learn how to play keyboard. I never play violin but i played guitar, keyboard and drum. All the best for u.

  8. conchobor2 said :

    Your average dope smoker can learn to play guitar reasonably well.

    But all of those instruments need finger coordination – Violin is tough (especially at first) because you also need to develop a strong sense of intonality.

    Piano is a virtual map of music theory – which can make that an easier instrument if you intend to learn anything about composition and such.

    But … you can’t take a piano with you to the park.

    Worse comes to worse, if all this fails – try the harmonica.

  9. alexus said :

    violin is way easier you can learn all the strings notes and things in a 7 day week piriod

  10. Johnny Rocker89 said :

    From easiest to hardest is keyboard, guitar and violin. Keyboard is easier out of the three because it is laid right in front of you (More sound and notes can be played as well). Guitar and violin, from my experience, takes alot more muscle memory and some great discipline.


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