What is the best software to purchase to learn guitar?

Well recently i have been looking up on the internet for guitar softwares so i can learn on my own time. I need one that can help me play rock/metal. Another reason i want a software for learning because in the summer i will always busy and have no time for lessons with an instructor. So any good softwares out there?

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7 Responses to “What is the best software to purchase to learn guitar?”

  1. justwait<3 said:

    Oh man! I learned how to play guitar on my own, without anything but a cheap “learn to play” my mom bought at a music store. Once you learn the basics, its all down hill from there. But it will take a lot of practice. I sound like a total goofball but it was just that easy for me! 🙂

  2. Jambole said:

    The Power Tab Editor is one package that I’d recommend to anyone. Especially as it’s free!
    Get it from here http://www.power-tab.net/guitar.php

    This in combination with the thousands of downloads from one of the tab archive sites for example http://www.powertabs.net/ and you’ll be playing along to your favorite songs in no time!

  3. Torbjorn said:

    Having tried a lot of these packages, I will have to say that Guitar Superstars is probably the best out there for rock/metal http://learnelectricguitarnow.net/guitar-superstars

    Kudos to you for not going with that all to familiar train of thought “how can I teach myself guitar for free in no time and be super awesome”. Good luck which ever avenue you take!

  4. low Rent & Trashy said:

    Forget software! WTF? Learn how to read tablature and teach yourself!

  5. sophos707 said:

    I have a blog with free resources to learn guitar: http:/www.GuitarAction.net

    To find good programs, go to the blog and check out the links on the bottom left under “products”
    Great stuff!

  6. I Am God said:

    You don’t have to purchase software! There’s a wealth of information on http://www.guitarinfozone.net which will help you learn what you need to know! I use it all the time, so don’t be afraid to check it out yourself, man!

  7. Natalie said:

    Private guitar lessons are really expensive, you could purchase a book or software program for probably the equivalent of just 1 or 2 lessons.

    Two programs I strongly strongly suggest, and have personally used:

    Alternatively you could check here for something:


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