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What is your best money saving tip when it comes to meal time?

Whenever I make taco’s for a crowd, I add potatoes to the hamburger mix, this spreads it a lot further.

Add oatmeal and dried out bread crumbled to meatloaf. This adds a lot to the meal.

What is the wisest thing you do on your food budget? How about coupons? Anyone?

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5 Responses to “What is your best money saving tip when it comes to meal time?”

  1. Trillian said :

    ramen noodles

  2. sylvia t said :

    i sometimes buy mac and cheese and add hamburger or tuna and i also add onions, garlic and mixed frozen veggies. it lasts me and my husband for days. also grocery stores also sells their brands of food for cheap. i mostly buy those. like hamburger helper at my local store their brand of hamburger helper is only 1 dollar. so i sometimes buy 10 boxes.

  3. Anita Makeover said :

    Buy generics.
    Read labels carefully.
    Shop the sales
    Soups, stews and chicken and dumplings can be stretched out pretty far with additional veggies, extra dumplings, etc.

  4. Snackie said :

    Make a price book or familiarize yourself with food prices so that you recognise a bargain when you see one. If something’s on sale, like pork ‘n beans, buy 5 cans and stock your pantry to have enough food for at least one week. The big food manufacturers pay a lot of money to have shelf-space at eye level in the grocery – make an effort to look down below knee level for the better bargains. Generic brand and store-brand products can be just as good as name brands and most have a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Make your own soup and stocks and freeze them; you control how much fat and salt are added and a freezer runs more efficiently if it’s full. Canned soup is extremely salty – add half a soup can of water to reduce the sodium and a handful of cooked rice makes canned soup go even further. I could go on until your eyes are crossed, so I’ll stop here. I learned how to be a tightwad from my parents and I’m not ashamed of it because this economic downturn hasn’t changed my shopping and eating habits one bit.

  5. musicman said :

    What I have had to do lately is; my doctor told me that I needed to cut down on foods cooked with fat, and red meats!
    So what I do when I cook potatoes, is, I slice them up, and bake them in the oven, with no grease! (because I don’t like boiled potatoes, and I’ve eaten a million baked potatoes, this is just different for me)
    And on red meat, I have cut down a lot, when I make some mixed vegetables, I mix in I cup of hamburger meat, to get at least a taste of meat in the mix! It’s just hard for me to eat vegetables by themselves!
    This has helped my budget, and has cut down on me buying foods cooked with grease, at restaurants !


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