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Where can I find some cooking friends?

I want friends to exchange recipes. Do u know any groups or clubs on the net for cooking and exchanging recipes? Does anyone wants to be my cooking friend? I love cooking and bakibng and Im ready to talk and exchange recipes with u.

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6 Responses to “Where can I find some cooking friends?”

  1. ashley said:

    OK, I’m here, I’m from India, and can give you a lot of good recipes.
    Confirm from ur side if we continue and where are you from.
    I am also a R.C. and hence carnivorous.

  2. fishineasy said:

    I would love to exchange recipes with you. I am from the south so I have many southern recipes along with many others.

    I already exchange recipes with many others from Yahoo! Answers. It is fun and I learn many new hints every day.

    I may be old (55) but I still have lots of new (and old) ideas ready to share with all. Just e-mail me and I’ll be ready to go!

    Check out my profile!


  3. Gene H said:

    Your request is one I have, but how can we do this? I am very happy to talk cooking and to share recipes, but I’m not the smartest computer guy and I’m a little shy, too. Willing, but am I able?

  4. Ramonette A. C said:

    Email me at for Asian recipes.Be specific what recipes do you want like appetizers, soups, salads,side dishes and main courses,fish and seafoods,pork,poultry,rice and noodles, beans and vegetables or desserts and pastries.

  5. Amy said:

    I too would like to share recipes. I love to cook and learn new things. I would love to share recipes with you. Is there a place that we can start a forum where we can converse and share these? The only open forum I know of is In my area, it’s used so much for gossip, but you can post anonymously. We could use whatever zip code everyone wants and share recipes there. Please let me know. You can email me at Thanks!

  6. dfetgh said:



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