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Where can i learn to play guitar online?

I’m getting a guitar some time in the next few days and ive never played before. I’m interested in learning to play online. Does anyone know any good sites or videos where i can learn to play in the easiest way possible? please & thanxx.

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3 Responses to “Where can i learn to play guitar online?”

  1. Fedor said :

    just go to

    type in learn to play guitar for beginners and look around.. its not that hard

  2. gtarczar said :

    your best bet is to get a local teacher in a local music store. The fastest way to get good at guitar is with lessons with a good qualified instructor.
    A web site can’t answer a specific question or tell you you are holding your hand wrong or show you an easier way to do something. If you really want to play well than invest in some lessons for a few months to get on the right track. Once you have got the basics down there are many sites like that can help you out

  3. Clothsline said :

    The best bet is to learn easy songs like Smoke On The Water then Iron Man.

    Once you have those down I recomend you learn Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica the intro is phenomenal and easy to play.

    Also go on and look at the song tabs.

    I have been playing bass for 6 months and I’ve taught myself and I won’t lie I’m doing great. I never took a lesson in my life and I learned Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) By Cliff Burton (Bassist in Metallica who was killed) and it sounds great.

    Try teaching yourself because you learn what fits you the most because with teachers they show you how to play like them not to what is the best to your ability.

    If you want more help and got AIM, IM me on AIM at thexbassxplayer and I’ll teach you stuff and help you look for a good guitar.


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