Where is a good place to go for Dog Obedience in the Plaistow, NH Area?

I have a 6 month old puppy and am looking for a good place to bring him for Dog Obedience. I live in Plaistow, NH, so I am looking for something around this area, S. NH or into Mass. Haverhill, Methuen etc.

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6 Responses to “Where is a good place to go for Dog Obedience in the Plaistow, NH Area?”

  1. dodgerfan said:

    pet co has a good one if they have pet cos there idk but its real fun and it coast around 200 dollars

  2. ♥ Cody ♥ said:

    Petsmart has training classes. They are $119 for one class per week, for 8 weeks. Here’s the website if you want to learn more about it: http://www.training.petsmart.com/

  3. Starving Artist said:

    I knw PetSmart is nationwide and go check one out cause ive met some great trainers in there

  4. Cindy F said:

    The best place would be at your local obedience club. There you will find the classes being taught by experienced exhibitors who have titled dogs rather than a high school student whose only experience is from reading a book like you will find at the national pet shop chains. Also since your local obedience club is a not for profit organization it will cost you less.

    You can locate a club near you at http://www.akc.org/clubs/search/index.cfm?action=obed&display=on

  5. hunterdog57 said:

    The AKC website or the UKC website is your best bet. http://www.ukcdogs.com. Mouse over the dog events tab and the menu will drop down. Click on clubs and you can search by state.

  6. fearfuldogs.com said:

    Do a search for Emma Parson. She’s a well know trainer in MA. Not sure if she’s exactly where you’re looking, but she’s known throughout the country.

    http://www.fearfuldogs.com also has a link to certified trainers that you can search.


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