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am i the only one who doesnt like coffee? and tea?

ok so in my family nobody can live without coffee. even they get a headache if they dont drink coffee. and everybody i know loves coffeee, and i hate it. i liek it with milk and Mc.Donald’s frappe and moch…but not the reeaall cofeee. I HATE IT. I also dont like tea. its baadddd taste

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7 Responses to “am i the only one who doesnt like coffee? and tea?”

  1. Hannah M said:

    Yeah, you’re probably one of the few who don’y like coffee or tea. and you are missing out.

  2. lackadaisical said:

    Coffee smells awesome but I don’t like to drink it.

    You don’t like tea? HiSSSSSSSS. devil-woman.

  3. LIve Laugh Love Your Life said:

    i agree with hannah i can drink iced coffee everyDAY…. i make my own too… w/ decaf coffee

  4. *Adrianna's mommy* said:

    i love the SMELL of coffee but can not drink it for the life of me!…it gives me horrible stomach pains but i do drink tea every once in a while.

  5. Dani P said:

    I’ve never drank coffee before, but I love the smell of the beans. i doubt i EVER will drink it. I used to like Tea, but not so much now adays. It just doesn’t taste right to me anymore. Even if it’s full of sugar, it always tastes like there isn’t enough in there.

  6. Nicole,<3 said:

    No yhur not the only one. I hate coffee but it smells good tho 🙂

  7. Ragdoll said:

    As evidenced here, you are clearly not alone in your dislike of coffee. Nothing to apologize for – I’ll gladly consume your fair share!!


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