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Can food be microwaved in a melamine container?

melamine is very popular for serving food, but I never tried to microwave it.

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5 Responses to “Can food be microwaved in a melamine container?”

  1. ppkeerthi said :

    Just try this simple test for any of your dishes.
    Place one cup of tap water in the dish you want to test and microwave it in HIGH for 1 minute. The water must be warm but the container must not be hot.
    If yes, then your container is safe.
    Use melamine for short heatings like defrosting and reheating

  2. Derek S said :

    No melamine will get hot instead of the food.

  3. christee106 said :

    Usually melamine (or melmac) is not microwavable. If you want to heat something up that will only take a minute or so, you’ll probably be okay, but nothing that takes 5 or more minutes.

  4. MR.T-BONE said :

    well i’am not sure just what this container is made off,but for best results with the microwave use safe plastic container or glass.any metal will short the microwave out.

  5. Jim said :

    You shouldn’t have any trouble microwaving food in a melamine container or dish. You just have to be careful about containers that have metal in or on them. Plates that have a gold rim around the edge have a tendency to cause problems when microwaving. Actually, microwave popcorn bags have a metal layer on the bottom to heat up the oil hot enough to pop the corn and some other metal containers are specially made to be used in a microwave. Most of the time the manufacturer will specify whether their product is microwave safe or not. To be absolutely sure, check with the manufacturer of your melamine container to see if it can be safely used in a microwave


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