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Can we tell the difference between junk food and fast food?

I am a Unitarian, and the food of my religion appear to be junk foods because the spiritual qualities are also religious. Even if they are nutritious, is it a good idea to ration them, or eat them in small quantities, because of their halluciogenic properties? I know that junk foods are unhealthy, and I do not eat such foods, but a Big Mac can be mistaken for a garage burger of sorts. Please help me draw the line such as, “One makes you fat, the other makes you high. One has cholesterol, the other has LSD” and so on. Given the obesity epidemic, I do not wish for an underground movement to replace all fast food chains if fast food was outlawed, especially to ensure the health of our fellow citizens. Please help, for I am also a professional chef, and I pray to Gaia for someone with a heart to answer with the best of his abiilities. May we be blessed with the bounties of Gaia as long as we live.

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4 Responses to “Can we tell the difference between junk food and fast food?”

  1. moonat9 said :

    fast foods are d 1 dat u no need 2 wit 4,u just grab n go whereas junk food is something every1 knws is not good 4 dem but still likes dem coz dey r mouth may or may nt also be any fast food or home made french fries…

  2. Rebecky said :

    I would have to say that alot of foods would go into both catagories, however you are able to get non-junk food alternatives at fast food franchises such as the fruit and yogart parfait at McDonalds. If you are a chef I would assume you have knowledge on nutrition and should be able to make non junk food choices at a fast food place.

  3. amberharris20022000 said :


  4. P.A.M. said :

    To my way of thinking, all fast food is junk. Made to appeal to the lazy masses, with flavor enhancing chemicals that can only lead to other nasty things,(obesity, allergies, etc….) a Big Mac is not and never will be a garage burger. By the same token all gourmet food is not the world savior either, what we need is a healthy balance, “FRESH” foods, keep the scientists away from my food, they have engineered enough trouble already.


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