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Has anyone heard of shirataki noodles and where to find them?

I just read an interesting article in Men’s Health about shirataki noodles as a substitute for regular noodles in a variety if dishes, but I have never heard of them before. Does anyone know where to find them, like if a major grocery store chain carries them or where to get them online?
They are also called Japanese Yam Noodles.

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3 Responses to “Has anyone heard of shirataki noodles and where to find them?”

  1. professional_mom_3kidz said :

    You can buy them here:

    And there are recipes for them here:

    From what I’ve seen they are not available at Walmart, Stop&Shop, etc.

  2. Angelsgranny said :

    I shop at the Military base, but, would think you can find them in walmart in the asian section. If not, check out any oriental store

  3. PoohBearPenguin said :

    They’re made from a type of yam that is then extruded into a thin noodle shape. They’re sold fresh, not dried, so they’re in the produce/refrigerator section, and not with the other dried noodles.

    You can find them at any Asian grocery store, or you might get lucky and find them in the “Ethnic produce area” of your regular grocery store – over where they have the tofu, and overpriced organic items.


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