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Hello i have a dog and it really needs dog obedience training any help please?

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7 Responses to “Hello i have a dog and it really needs dog obedience training any help please?”

  1. vanecksfamily said :

    What do you need to know? Places to go for classes, tips, what? Try adding detail to future questions.

  2. Gringo said :

    Call your local dog shelter and ask if they know where there might be classes or ask them to give you some numbers and names of local dog club members. Often a local kennel club will hold classes.

    If you have the extra money to spare, you can hire a trainer to teach your dog obedience but it takes away from the bonding you and your dog will do while learning together.

  3. rescue member said :

    Call your vet and ask for a reference to a good trainer who gives group classes – they’re excellent and socialize your dog as well as teach you how to train him.

    Large pet stores like Petco also schedule lessons, call them and ask when the next ones are.

  4. dragon_wolf_999 said :

    call the vet groomer or shelter for good trainers in ur area…with out more info it is hard to help u.

  5. Shadow's Melon said :

    Contact a local obedience or training club in your area and ask them for trainer referrals.

  6. Nedra E said :

    First, look in your local phone book for dog trainers. You need to go to obedience school WITH your dog so you know how to continue training him after classes are over.

    You can also talk to your local pet stores, SPCA, Humane Officer or Rescue Groups to find a trainer.

    It would also be good to get some books or videos. Do a google search for dog training books, or dog training videos… since you didn’t say what exact problems you’re having that indicate your dog needs training, I can’t tell you what videos to look for or where…

  7. pikaaachu a said :

    Hi it is important to know that repetition is the key whenever you are trying to teach your dog something new. Whether it’s a trick or making your dog obey a command repetition is always important.

    If you would more info on dog obedience training then visit


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