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How can I buy the best barbeque ?

There are varieties of barbeques to choose from in markets, this makes it hard to decide which is perfect for you. There are several things to consider that help you make your decision. A barbeque system needs to perfect in three categories, your budget, your space and the design.

If you are planning to cook around fifteen burgers at a time, a barbeque with 350 square inch in size is perfect for you. This barbeque system will come in handy in occasions such as reunions and other gatherings. You can also get the 490 square inch barbeque system if you are planning to cook for larger amount of people, with this model size, thirty burgers at a time will be very easy to cook.

Of course, the price of the barbeque system would mainly depend on its size. Be ready to spend around five hundred dollars if you are planning to get a barbeque system 350 to 550 square inch model. However, if you were planning to get a bigger size model, around 450 to 800 square inch, seven hundred fifty dollars at least would be the preferred price.

The capabilities of the burner in a barbeque system also need to be considered. A barbeque system releases heat measured in BTUs. If your barbeque system is for hotdogs and burgers, a 44,000 BTU burner is capable of the job, however, if steaks and other meat is involve, you need a blazing hot temperature to cook it, which, 60,000 BTU burner can do.

The gas source for a barbeque system can come from either natural gas or propane gas. There are possibilities of running out of propane gas in the middle of a barbeque but you can avoid this in getting an access to natural gas. However, you need to fill propane tanks and use it if access to natural gas is not available.

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