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How Can I Determine If My Herbal Supplement is Safe?

Your safety is one of the primary concerns you should be thinking of when you purchase or use any herbal supplement. These herbal supplements are available in various forms, and while some are known to provide benefits when take, there are some supplements that also provide certain side effects.

There are herbal supplements which claim that they are 100% safe, although these claims are not always true. Words such as “effective”, “tested”, and “safe” are known to be marketing strategies employed by manufacturers of these herbal remedies.

Those who are buying or using herbal supplements should make sure that the items they get are labeled with USP Dietary Supplement Verified, which means that the drug has met certain standards set for the manufacture and labeling of the product. It also means that the supplement is free from toxic chemicals such as lead.

Never assume that the USP verification indicates that the herbal supplements you are about to take are safe. Be cautious of getting herbs that are produced outside of the country, since there are various standards applicable to ingredient strength, production, and labeling.
Those who are taking any drugs or medications must also be warned that these herbal supplements can interact adversely with the medications they are taking.

Those who are looking to have surgery should also be warned that there are some herbal supplements that can increase the surgical bleeding as well as affect the recovery time. Mothers who are pregnant or are breastfeeding must not use herbal supplements unless these supplements are recommended specifically by a licensed doctor.

The best and most effective way of assuring that a person is getting very safe herbal supplements is by consulting with a doctor. In case the doctor gives the go-signal for these medications, the person can take these supplements.

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