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How can I make meringue topping ?

When baking, it is very frustrating when topping meringue mess up everything. If you experienced this situation in your kitchen, here are some tips that will help you keep your meringue topping from breaking apart. Do not get disappointed if you did not get it right on your first try. remember, practice makes it perfect. In the long run, you will be making the best pie topping every time.

In making a perfect meringue topping pie, you will need your regular kitchen and baking tools and of course, a meringue recipe. One of the secret that people always forget to do is thoroughly beating the egg whites. This will cause the meringue top to fall apart because the sugar do not end up fully mixed with the egg white. Make sure that the egg white you are using is in the right temperature before you beat them.

In separating you eggs, it will be easier if you have them chilled first to make the yolks automatically separate from the white. Let your egg whites rest until it reaches room temperature before you beat them. Doing this process will make your egg white get more air that will make the consistency fluffier after beating.

The egg white’s volume is also important in making the meringue topping. Do not forget to add cream of tarter and salt when your egg white gets foamy. These two ingredients will take care of the egg white’s volume and so as holding it together. One more important thing is how you spread your mixture to the pie. Make sure to apply it evenly, no overlapping to the dish’s edge that may cause your topping to fall apart during the process of baking.

How you follow the recipe is also vital in making a perfect meringue pie. You also have to watch your oven from time to time to see what activity is happening with your pie. Baking meringue pie needs close watch, you do not want your pie over cooked or cracked. Once the peaks and tufts of your meringue turn golden brown, then, you have the perfect meringue topping.

Following your recipe for baking instructions is also key when achieving a beautiful meringue top. However, depending on the actually thickness of your meringue, you will need to adjust as necessary. Most smart bakers will keep a close watch on the oven and bake the pie until the tufts and peaks of the meringue reach a wonderful golden brown color.

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