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How can I prevent food from burning to the bottom of the casserole dish?

I have a gas stove. I have checked the temperature with an oven thermometer and it registers correctly. If I bake foods on the center rack, the food burns to the bottom of the pan before it cooks for the minimum amount of time listed in the recipe. I never get a nice, lightly browned crust on top. My casserole dishes are glass. Can you help me figure out what to do?

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15 Responses to “How can I prevent food from burning to the bottom of the casserole dish?”

  1. the little mermaid said :


  2. ι ♥ ιƝκ❢ said :

    greese it well
    cook 25 degrees lower the recipe says
    i have gas stove and this works for me
    broil last few minutes to get crips top

  3. Due Jan. 26, 2009 said :

    I would consider baking on the rack as close to the top as you can, especially to get that nice brown crust on top. And definitely use some kind of spray oil like pam on the bottom before putting things in. I have a gas oven and always try to keep things closer to the top.

  4. beautifuldisaster0909 said :

    pam. and dont cook on the low rack. middle is always best.

  5. Dianne M said :

    aluminum foil, would help a lot. just place a sheet of foil on the bottom of the glass dish.

  6. kk47 said :

    I guess put them on the top rack. and lower the heat. Looks like your stove gets heated fast. Lessen by about 5 – 10 degrees. Might work!

  7. farquark said :

    Try moving your casserole to a higher rack, if you can. And consider placing a cookie sheet under the casserole. It will just add another layer underneath, so it will protect the bottom from scorching.

    You should also consider using oil spray or buttering your casserole to prevent things from sticking, but if my recipe already has fat in it, I find this step sometimes unnecessary.

    Good luck!

  8. kevin g said :

    Put a broiler pan on the lower rack. that will disperse the heat around the casserole pan above it. I have the same problem, so I leave my broiler pan in there almost all the time, and it works great. stops cookies, biscuits, sweet potatoes, etc from burning as well.

  9. japon_101 said :

    I would highly suggest investing in ceramic casserole dishes because they heat better, glass is a bad conductor of heat, but to solve your problem wrap the bottom of your pan in tin foil and that should help by blocking alot of the heat from going to the bottom of the pan, also you could bake it on a higher rack and when it comes to the last 5 mins pop it under the broiler to brown up the top

  10. cm00 said :

    Put baking Pam on the casserole bowl. Make sure it’s the special baking one.

  11. Paul said :

    Put the food on the highest rack possible. This will make the top cook faster than the bottom.

  12. April M said :

    According to this website, a glass pan contains heat well, but conducts it poorly. Try light-weight aluminum (a little more expensive)

    This website shares that gas stoves should heat better than electric stoves, and that even professionals use gas. If you think your stove might be malfunctioning, then hire a technician.

    In the mean time, I would make sure to grease the bottom of the glass casserole with solid shortening (like crisco), and avoid sprays. Lower the temperature that you are supposed to cook the casserole at by about 25 degrees (so if the recipe calls for the temp to be 375, then lower it to 350). Also, for an easier casserole, make sure the meats are pre-cooked, so basically, you are only infusing the ingrediants together, and not actually “cooking” them in the stove.

  13. Sugar Pie said :

    Be sure you turn your oven from “preheat” to “bake.”

    Also, try putting a large cookie sheet on the rack below the rack that your casserole dish is on, to sort of “buffer” the bottom from direct gas heat, which comes form underneath.

    Oh, and if using a glass pan, lower the temp by 25ºF.

  14. Riley Daniels said :

    PAM or similar cooking spray is a great place to start. These have improved dramatically in the past few years. Check the ingredients so you know — and approve — of what you are spraying on the pan.

    Is your oven a newer model or an older model? Are the burners clean and firing properly? Are you baking dishes thick enough to handle the heat properly?

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