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how do i get my dog to stop jumping on me and othere people? is obedience lessions a good resolution?

this is about the only thing that my dog does that i dont like this and gets wild when she sees a rabbit.-lol shes just a little over 1 year so shes at that age where you need to teach her obedience and i plan to get her in some lessions.
she is a husky/shepard mix.

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12 Responses to “how do i get my dog to stop jumping on me and othere people? is obedience lessions a good resolution?”

  1. noelle4700 said :

    you must train the dog

  2. zapit333 said :

    yes, dog school is a good solution you could try it yourself, award the dog if he is not jumping on you when he sees you or others.

  3. *The~Eleventh~Commandment* said :

    very gud choice…and do it as soon as possible. its best if u train ur dog urself.

  4. lone_wolf39_2000 said :

    What I did to stop my Scottie from jumping on people and myself is I used a firm voice telling him no and also used a squirtgun at the same time. After awhile your dog will associate the sound of NO with the fact of getting hit with a squirt of water. May help.

  5. chetco said :

    Obedience school is certainly the best solution. However, in our town, we have a good teacher, and a bad teacher. One stresses positive re-inforcement.The other teaches physical discipline. So, check them out before you join. Just give them a call, and you can get an idea of their methods……Obedience school is a great place to meet new friends, and have fun. It will very much enrich your realtionship with your dog.

  6. Michelle said :

    Everytime you walk in the house and he gets excited to see you …..ignore him … this for a few days sometimes a couple of weeks ….depending on the inteligence of your dog ……. once he’s calmed down and given up tak to him and give him a treat because he stopped jumping ……try it …..worked for my dog!!!

  7. thejag621 said :

    You should take him to obiedience training. I want a dog a dog and when we get one we’re going to take him to training right away.What kind of dog is he/she?Let me know.


  8. Shayna said :

    Yes, obedience classes are effective. However, consistant rewards are the basis of their teachings. Time and consistancy, and patience will pay off. best of luck.

  9. jwzoila said :

    We took our German Shepherd, Taco, to obedience school and learned a trick. Every time Taco jumped up at us, we took his front paws and pulled them down away from us as we said “NO” very firmly. Once he was on all four paws, we bent down to pet/reward him. It worked.

    Check out the link below for a more professional answer.

  10. nrsebone said :

    I have a Retriever. She used to attack us while we entered the door and jump on us too. I also have a friend who is a dog trainer. He told me to put her on a leash. Practice with each person holding the leash when each person walks through the door and the dog starts to move hold the leash firm so the dog can not move and say “Stay”. This takes practice, but the results are great. You have to show your dog you are the dominant one. By the firm hold he/she will get the routine. When the dog does what you want you have to reward them with a doggie biscuit or a treat.

  11. mh2276 said :

    We have a Doberman that had the same problem when he was a puppy. I suggest steping on his/her back feet whenever the dog jumps up on you or others. Not hard enough to cause any damage, but just hard enough for the dog to get the point. Follow the stepping with a stern NO! It may take a while but your dog will get it eventually. It took ours about a month.

  12. dogger said :

    yep, obedience school


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