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How do I make perfect grilled potatoes ?

Potato dishes are an all-time favorite, which is almost served on every American meal. If you are a potato lover, another way to enjoy it is to grill it into a mouth-watering potato meal. Grilled potato is very delicious and can be an alternative to the common mashed, sliced and fried or baked potatoes. These are very easy to make and perfect for any meal.

To prepare your grilled potato, peel out as many potatoes you want to serve. You can grill it unpeeled but make sure to wash your potatoes well. Cut the potatoes into cubes and place it on a tin foil with a couple of inches allowance, which can provide you the space to fold it over to have a top sheet. Dice up onions with the amount depending on your taste and spread it across your potato.

Generously sprinkle salt and pepper or any brand of seasoning of your choice. Put butter and margarine on top of your potato, again, the amount depends on your desired taste. Then, put another sheet of tin foil on top and fold the side securely to help steam the potato as it grills. Grill your potato under medium heat for about thirty minutes. Potatoes only need thirty minutes to cook, if you go over, you might have a sloppy texture, which is not too good to eat.

Putting a lot of butter will help your potatoes moist as it steam and it will soften your potatoes to perfection. Remember to keep your foil sealed as you grill your potatoes to achieve the best texture. You can use branded spices for your grilled potato instead of the regular salt and pepper if you want to add a different taste to your grilled potato. You can serve grilled potatoes along with any meal or alone as a snack.

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