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How do I read food labels correctly ?

If you think you can shop, think again. Many people know how to read nutrition facts, but that is just it. You need to learn how to read and know the right proportions of each product’s content to make your grocery shopping work. Most of The advertisements today give us false information about their products, which make shopping harder. Health conscious people may get the run around if they have no idea how to break the codes of nutrition labeling.

Let us start with fats; there are two types of fat, which you can see in nutrition fact, low fat and reduced fat. Do not just buy items without knowing what is in it just to blend with others, especially if you are health conscious. Fat-free means it has less than fifty grams of fat for every serving and low fat has only less than two grams of fat.

This next one may be confusing, if an item is less fat or reduced fat; it has twenty-five percent less fat for every serving compared to the standard version. If an item is calorie free, every serving has five calories or less. In contrast, there is less than forty calorie for every serving in low calorie food. In other words, a thirty to fifty gram per serving cannot go over forty calories.

You do not have to master the calculation when it comes to nutrition facts. We all have so little time to squeeze in everything that we have to do in a day; you just need to know a simple analysis to make your shopping quick and sure. Just make a quick check and make sure that the fat calories are not more than a third of the product’s total calories. If you are trying to live healthy, the best for you are meals with seven grams saturated fat or less and look for food with two grams fiber or more.

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