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How do you make your burger as flavorful as fast food burgers?

My burgers always taste the same. Just a very boring, faint beef taste. Even with good meat, salt and pepper doesn’t seem to do the trick…

I like the flavorful taste of a good fast food burger.
I don’t think BBQ sauce, soy sauce, etc would do it.

Heard something about onion soup base – that sounds a lot more promising. Onion stuff is pretty flavorful.

Any suggestions?
Also, is it better to mix powdery ingredients or just sprinkle them on top?

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9 Responses to “How do you make your burger as flavorful as fast food burgers?”

  1. Reagan said :

    Make sure you start with hamburger and not just ground beef. Also, I use Lawry’s seasoned salt on mine. They always come out fresh and juicy – better than fast food!

  2. hnash74 said :

    Onion soup base, or dry ranch dressing, I use garlic powder, pepper, salt and a little chili powder.

  3. Tynkah said :

    Lipton Onion Soup – it’s the best thing since sliced bread!

    (Also makes a phenomenal meatloaf!)

    Directions are on the packaging…

  4. lizard01007 said :

    Cook it in lard, like the fast food companies do.

  5. Sugar PIe said :

    Mine are better than fast food. I form the burgers with ground chuck, sprinkle w/ kosher salt and ground black pepper, then add a dash or two of worcestershire on the patties as I wait for the grill or pan to heat up. (Grill’s best, IMO). YOu can also dust them w/ a bit of onion powder, if you like.

    Then toss on a hot grill. DO NOT SQUEEZE or PRESS them with a spatula! That just extracts moisture, NOT fat. Cook until just turned from pink to brown inside.

  6. red99 said :

    a little bit of butter in the middle of the patty when your forming it helps to keep it juicy from the inside out

  7. Gene H said :

    Aji no moto.

  8. Toni said :

    extra grease

  9. Unaloto said :

    arghsa na se dia diavasw gia allh mia fora…alla etsw kai meta apo toses meres mou eeaftksis toso polu th diadesh,u r so co co co cool(san mia feta karpouzi).Love K.


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