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How is golden syrup made ?

Golden syrup is a well-known sweetener in the United Kingdom, similar to honey in appearance, though more comparable to corn syrup in its pouring ability. It is mostly called light treacle and is an important ingredient in the popular United Kingdom dessert, treacle tart. Golden syrup may also be used as a topping for pancakes or hot cereal.

Golden syrup came from sugar cane juice, which is evaporated to create the texture and flavor of the syrup. Some call golden syrup nutty in flavor, and many admire its light yellow color. Often people feel it is much sweeter than sugar. Using it as a substitute for sugar should mean using a lesser amount. Unlike the crystallized form of table sugar, golden syrup is mainly composed of fructose, sucrose, and glucose. This makes the storage easier without worrying that sudden cold temperatures in the house can cause crystallization or hardness of the syrup.

The United States does not have a brand name of golden syrup, though sometimes corn syrup and Golden syrup may be mixed to create artificial maple syrup. Most often, one has to get brands from the Australia or UK by Internet order or mail order. International food shops may carry golden syrup and may be the best bet for finding it close to home.

In Britain, Lyle and Tate markets the most popular golden syrup in the name Tate’s. Not like corn syrup, golden syrup is usually sold in jars or in cans similar to large jelly jars. It tends not to be available in the bottle format that most corn syrup brands are found in the United States. If one cannot get golden syrup, one can substitute honey or corn syrup in recipes needing it. This will create a somewhat different taste, and lack the distinct flavor of the golden syrup, but will still enable one to go forward with certain United Kingdom recipes.

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