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How long is it before Vegans start getting sick when they eat animal products?

I was just curious because I have been Vegan for a little while, and my parents want me to switch back. I wanted to know if that’s even physically possible. Plan B is I go on a Hunger Strike.

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5 Responses to “How long is it before Vegans start getting sick when they eat animal products?”

  1. Jessica said:

    plan b is a hunger strike ..really? old are you like 13 ..a hunger strike would not solve anything..
    every vegan is going to react differentely to consuming meat..
    if you have only been vegan for a little while the likely hood that you would get sick is slim to none..
    if you really want to be vegan they cant really stop you..they cant force food down your throat..

  2. Potatoes said:

    little while? as in a month? or a year? If you’ve just been eating silk yogurt and granola for a month you’ll be fine if your parents decide to “switch you back”…

  3. Skylla said:

    ahhh. dont go back if you don’t want to! being vegan is awesome.!
    but if you want to then yea its possible. you may be sick for awhile but you will eventually be fine i think. i was vegetarian for a year and i had some meat and i got a tad sick. so I’d say if you have been vegan for like a year then yea you might feel sick at first.

    but i say you stay vegan! (:

  4. exsft said:

    About 10 seconds after the “OMG I ate meat” episode…

    As for Plan B, that should last about a day or two at most…

  5. Ms. Skeptic said:

    It’s possible, of course. You would be fine.

    You don’t need to stop eating to prove a point. This is your family you’re talking about. You should be able to speak to your family about things. Tell them that this is your belief and that you cannot go against that because it would tear you up.

    Your parents want what’s best for you. If they can’t understand veganism, then there’s not much to be done about it. You just have to do what you think is right.


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