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How much do you spend each day on food for yourself?

Not the whole family , just yourself?

Food bought out and eaten at home combined, estimating the cost combined?

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7 Responses to “How much do you spend each day on food for yourself?”

  1. Red R said :

    i’m a wife and a mother, and grandmother, if i eat they eat, i spend about 5-6 hundred on store bought and fast food and restaurants in a week.

  2. Kait said :

    a million bucks!

  3. George P said :

    Since I am deployed, nothing, the food is provided for free. Thanks taxpayers, lol.

  4. Shawn said :

    i am a single male so i should have a low food bill, but i love to cook. and i like cooking anything i cant afford in a restaurant. so its about 100 to 150 a week

  5. Joanie Pony said :

    It is according to how much money I have. I budget everything first (things I want) and food is the last. Living alone it is easy. I got used to doing it that way with family,budgeting the food first because I had X amount the bills the doctor planning for the unforeseen next to last was saving and then maybe a trip to big boys and that would be at the end.Now I only have me and If a want a knife that costs$200 then I budget my food and everything else because then I have earned the knife and I don’t feel bad even thought I don’t need it..

  6. Luv2Cook said :

    When I stay home for every meal about $10-15
    When I east out for at least one meal $18-25

  7. Wonderwall said :

    I cook at home so I calculated all the food, drinks and condiments I used and came up with about $30.00


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