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How to carry ice cream back home from supermarket?

I bought a box of ice cream in stick lately. When I reached home, all melted in their own packing. 6 sticks of ice cream in their own packing in a paper box.

I put them inthe freezer but they never got harden like a good ice cream anyway.

How to carry this kind of ice cream home, and they don’t melt?

I know if I can remake a melted ice cream back to original, I am not far from building my own ice cream factory already.

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3 Responses to “How to carry ice cream back home from supermarket?”

  1. IVF Expert said :

    I put mine with the other frozen stuff I buy (e.g., green beans & soy burgers)

    Another alternative is to carry an insulated bag with you and put it there.

  2. Kes said :

    When you go to a “Supermarket” you may also buy other frozen items. Buy frozen items last and keep them together. Have them placed in one bag together and even request a double bag or bring your own. Drive home directly with the heater (or blower) off. Place items in the freezer at once. What else can you do?

    On a lighter note, I met a couple (millionaire) ladies on a three-masted sailing cruise who claimed that their chief enjoyment was traveling the world looking for the very best icecream. Perhaps they will visit your new factory. Good luck.

  3. AltF said :

    Carry them in a Polystyrene/Thermocol Box.


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