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How to keep home made (cooked) food preserved?

I cook in the morning and carry food with me to office. I eat after 3-4 hours. I find that food goes cold and sometimes tasteless.
What are the suggestions to keep home made food fresh for 3-4 hours, not more?
I cannot use vaccume packing, etc.

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4 Responses to “How to keep home made (cooked) food preserved?”

  1. The fiercest: Jenny said :

    Food doesn’t lose taste by sitting in a lunch bag for 3 hours–season it more if it’s tasteless.

    As far as it being cold, you could try wrapping it in foil and keeping it in an insulated bag, but even then, 3+ hours is a long time for something to stay piping hot, so you may just have to re-heat it when you get to the office.

  2. Rawr. :D said :

    put “Glad- Cling Wrap” around your food.
    It’s fancy stuff.

    They also have these fancy lunch boxes with like, metal stuff on the inside that keeps food warm, like a thermus-box-ish-thing. >.>
    They sell ’em at wal-mart

  3. delhi chef said :

    there are tifins available in the market which keeps ur food hot for a long time…. and more over if u have micro in ur office then tell the office boy to reheat the stuff and served it,,,

    and best is silverr raps

  4. olympics junkie said :

    Go to a pharmacy for some of those gel pads that can be frozen for use on injuries or either microwved or boiled to provide hot packs. Heat a couple pads, wrap the food container in pads, & then wrap in foil…It should help. Pack some seasoning to take along in your lunch as well..


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