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I can’t get my pound cake to release from my bundt cake pan. Any ideas on how to get it out?

I made my cake and after taking it out of the oven I had to run out for over an hour. Now I can’t get the cake to release I’ve tried prying around the edge but it still won’t come out. Any ideas on how I can get it out and keep the cake intact? Thanks
FYI, I did grease and flour the cake pan originally. I also put it in the oven for a few minutes after I got home.

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5 Responses to “I can’t get my pound cake to release from my bundt cake pan. Any ideas on how to get it out?”

  1. Robert S said:

    Obviously you needed to coat the pan first with butter or oil.
    If you stand it upside down on a rack, it may drop out itself.
    Otherwise, you may have to start slicing it into sections.
    You could then put it together with frosting afterwards.

  2. rain said:

    You can try setting the pan of cake into a dish of very hot water to see if you can get the cooled cake to soften back up and slide out, if that doesn’t work you can try putting it back into the oven and heating it up again. You may want to add a hot water bath to the oven to keep the pound cake from drying out, then use a sharp knife to separate the cake edges from the pan and give that a try.

    If neither of those work I have, as a last resort, sliced the end off (while still in the pan) dug that out (wasn’t pretty, but still yummy for me and the kids) then gently slid a spatula under the bottom and gotten the remainder of the cake out successfully, but then you have to slice it up to do a decent presentation. Good luck.

  3. Razz said:

    Reheat the whole works in the oven (350) for a few minutes. Not too long, or you will overbake the cake. This will heat the pan (but not the cake, which is a good insulator) and reactivate the oil / spray / shortening you used to grease the pan. That’s the problem, especially if you use solid shortening: it has solidified. Make it liquid again by short heating, and you should have no problems.

    Invert the pan over a cookie sheet (or similar), and tap rather vigorously on the outside of the pan with the handle of a knife, or something similar. The cake should fall out of the pan easily.

  4. Lynda said:

    You can get the cake out but not intact — even if you saw your cake pan open.
    Grease and flour a bundt pan before baking a cake in it.

  5. vrednay2006z said:


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