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What are you doing about higher food prices? What is your strategy to stretch your food budget?

Rice prices have more than tripled in less than a year, and in China they rose another 50% in the past month. Price of a bushel of wheat quintupled since last year. So what are you doing, faced with higher prices at the grocery store? Changing the way you purchase food? Where you shop? Exchanging processed foods for unprocessed (buying whole chicken instead of chicken nuggets, etc)? Reducing consumption? Reducing snacks and “junk food”? Reducing waste? Or what?

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5 Responses to “What are you doing about higher food prices? What is your strategy to stretch your food budget?”

  1. TX2step said :

    I used to grocery shop 3-4 times a week (I like stuff really fresh),but cut down to 1-2 times a week – because I spend more when I go more times…. I don’t buy alot of processed/ pre-packaged foods anyways…….

  2. Digby said :

    My shopping bill has been the same for 10 years – we eat fresh food everyday and I always use everything up. Lidl often offer half price veg – sometimes I buy direct from a farm shop and I occasionally buy i get one free.

  3. tangerinebean said :

    I’m just going to buy less junk food, less processed food. I don’t need someone to make a dinner, freeze it, and package it for me — I can boil noodles & add some chicken & veggies myself. I’ll also buy stuff when it’s on sale – stock up on dried or canned foods when they are one sale… but I refuse to join one of those stores like Sams Club or Costco – seems like a waste to pay money to spend money.

  4. T C said :

    I’ve started to buy budget brands of stuff – some of it’s OK – it’s a case of trial & error. I’ve also started cooking more stuff from scratch & eating less meat. I’ve always baked so I do this anyway buscuits,cakes,brownies & snacks for the kids.
    I do get some fruit & veg from Aldi / Lidl. Generally I’m more conscious of what stuff costs & how much I spend – I look out for special offers.

  5. arzok said :

    food prices are not going to stop going up and up and up. the first thing that one should do is not waste any food and buy very wisely. here are a few rules: while shopping do not buy on “impulse”. make a shopping list of what you need for the week or the month. say good by for ever to junk food which actually cost a fortune. you will be on the way to healthier eating habits. avoid little expensive trimmings such as fresh basil in December (usually 1.99 and up for a few leaves on the death row…) or items which are not in season. do not , i repeat do not buy soft drink or bottles water or any designer soft drinks, they cost nothing to produce and are so ridiculously expensive! you will also have a lot more room in your fridge. instead install a water filter and fill some bottle as you need them. to replace soft drink, be creative… club soda with a splash of orange and cranberries juice will be very refreshing and if you do not find it sweet enough add one or two packets of splenda. buy seasonal fruit and produce. learn how to cook simple and healthy meals. here is an example: two filet Mignon ( between 8 to 10oz) at Costco will cost you about $20, two sweet bake potatoes $2,a large bag of spinach to saute for two $3, and a fruit smoothie for dessert with fat free generic yogurt, frozen strawberries, one apple and ice about$1.25 for two. your filet Mignon dinner will cost you about $27 for two. this top quality meal would have cost you between $ 70 and $90 in a good restaurant without tip for two!!! as far as snack the best one for me is a protein drink with fruit. you can produce great meals for an average of ten to fifteen dollars per person without eating pasta every night.i believe you still can eat well without spending a fortune using a bit of your brain… i do. ( more ideas later on…)


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