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What food could i do for a sweet sixteen birthday party?

Hey i’m throwing my sister a sweet sixteen birthday party. And i have no idea what to make for food. Have any suggestions?

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10 Responses to “What food could i do for a sweet sixteen birthday party?”

  1. eugene65ca said :

    Order in Pizza or Chicken.

  2. JS said :

    chips and salsa, vegetable sticks and dip, crackers with cheese on top, pizza, cake, ice cream cake, chips, pretzels, or my favorite a big bowl of m&ms

  3. Cheta K. said :

    sandwiches, pasta salad, chips, dip, chicken drummets, vegetable trays, fruit trays, cheese trays, meat trays (with the rolled up ham, and turkey and roast beef), meat balls (swedish and bar-b-que), and tuna and chicken salad with crackers

  4. bailie28 said :

    simple cheese and nacho’s…cake and ice cream, a bowl of her favorite candy, chocolate chip cookies..we had a sweet sixteen for my sons girlfriend…it was at halloween we had the well as chicken wings hotdogs and hamburgers..and bowls of halloween candy and it was a hit..think what do kids like to eat…and what can be eaten off a paper plate…pigs in a blanket..

  5. Brookie said :

    You can make really cute “tux chocolate covered strawberries” I’ve made them many times, and they are super easy. All you need is strawberries, baking milk chocolate and white chocolate.

    Here is a site with step by step directions:,,HGTV_3175_1387578,00.html

    Also, you could make choclate fondue. Buy wooden food scewers ( about $1 at your local grocrey store ) and put chunks of pineapple, strawberries, etc. Good Luck!

  6. foodie said :

    First appertizers, chips and dip, veggies & dip, bread w/ dip, (do you see a theme here…lol) hummus w/ pita, cheese w/ crackers, chocolate fountain w/ assortated dippers.
    Main course you can do meatballs or wings in a crockpot (meatballs are easy, mix frozen meatballs, grape jelly and bbq sauce cook and serve) rice (plain or mixed with veggies), salads like lettuce w/ tomatoes, 3 bean salad, green bean salad.

    Then cake for dessert. Don’t forget to ask for help from friends/family.

  7. Jackalope said :

    Dips, Pizza any finger food really so its relaxed eating !

  8. Maggie W said :

    do something fun like fondue and chips and salsa and other fun, easy foods:-)

  9. gilmore94 said :

    Fun snacks like bread bowls, nachos, chips, veggies, fruits, etc.
    Don’t forget your sweets either! =]

    Ummm, as for the main course, you don’t necessarily have to have one but pizza or taco bars are good!

    Also be sure to have some of her favorite foods @ 16 it’s sort of a mark age that you want to remember what you liked then! =D

    tell her happy 16th!

  10. sarahz said :

    taco dip and chips, veggies and dip, pigs in a blanket, pasta salad, deviled eggs, pizza rolls or you can order a pizza and cut it into appetizer sized pieces, and of course cake or ice cream cake!

    here’s a good recipe for a taco salad:
    chopped lettuce
    taco meat
    shredded cheese
    chopped tomatoes
    1 bag crushed cool ranch doritos
    some Western dressing
    just mix together and enjoy!


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