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What is a good age to take a dog to obedience lessons?

Is there a age where it is too late? Also, is Doggy Day care a good idea or just leaving him in a crate reasonable?

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11 Responses to “What is a good age to take a dog to obedience lessons?”

  1. me said :

    there is not an age when it is too late but starting out when your a puppy is good.

  2. CF_ said :

    once they are FULLY vaccinated they can start Obedience classes.. ususally its puppy socialization…

    doggie day care can be good or bad..depends on the facility and the dog

    there is NO age that is “too late” for Obedience.. it stimulates the mind and releives boredom

  3. Drifter D said :

    There is never an age when it is too late to train you dog as long as you are consistent and never falter then they can learn. I would suggest a Doggy Day Care depending on how long your planning on leaving them alone. You don’t want them going to the bathroom in the crate and then stepping in it. If it will be for just a few hours then take them out to potty right before you put them in the crate and then right after.

  4. tlctreecare said :

    Once your pup has had a full set of shots get started in a puppy class.
    It is the perfect time to start. Then if you enjoy it move on and do some other classes. It is a great way to bond with your new pet and you and the dog will be happier and have a better realtionship.
    Doggie day care is great if you have a breed that needs lots of exercise or stimulation durring the day. Some breeds are not so active but others will become destructive if left alone and they need the extra exercise and stimulation. Maybe only do it once or twice per week. Or look at a dog walker or pet sitter to come in once per day while you are gone and do a few minutes of play time.

  5. Jenna said :

    No a good time would be no later than 4 months, but any age is okay!

  6. Misa M said :

    You can take a dog to obedience class at any time. If you’ve had your dog for a while, then you probably have a better idea of what to bring for rewards (does he like chicken more than cheese, or will he work for kibble, does he like toys too, etc) A good training school will help your dog to learn by rewarding the good behaviors, and not by punishing the bad ones.
    And I don’t know what I’d do without doggy day care. My pup gets a ton of exercise, loves other dogs, and is very comfortable and happy hanging out with other people, which is exactly what I want!

  7. cadowney1 said :

    Any age is good for a dog. Puppy Playschool is best for young puppies, but you can start Basic One Obedience as soon as the puppy is vacinated. Also, there is not any age that is too old, unless your dog has athritis or problems with sitting and standing.

    Doggy Day Care can be a good idea, because the dog is cared for during that time. The only problem is, it is very expensive. Leaving the dog in the crate is Ok too, as long as someone comes in to let it out to go to the bathroom.

  8. his love said :

    start right away! youactually can teach an old dog new tricks, but the sooner the better. it will only be accepted int day care if your dog has been “socialized”. That means it can be ariund other pets and not cause a problem. The people who run the place will decide if your dog is able to go to day care.

  9. Stephanie H said :

    If you puppy or dog is fully vaccinated and less than 6 months, you can take her to puppy classes. These basically help you work on socialization. At about 6 months or older, you can start obedience training. Although puppies or younger dogs are sometimes easier to train, there isn’t an age that is too old.

    There are many different kinds of doggy day care and there are many reasons people choose to use them. Many trainers (mine included) do not like doggy day care because it is hard to find one that has outside turn out, meaning much of your work housebreaking your dog can be lost because the only place they have to go to the bathroom is indoors. There are a few that do allow your dog to go outside, so if you decide to go with one, try to find one of these. How long is your dog alone during the day?

    Although not ideal, your dog should be fine in a cage for 8 hours as long as they get plenty of exercise during the times you are home. If they can stay in the crate for shorter amounts of time, that is best. If your dog will have to stay in the crate longer, then you might have to consider a day care, regardless of the outside turn out. It is simply not fair to expect your dog to be alone and crated for that long on a regular basis.

    Good luck!

  10. moobiemuffin said :

    They say only 2 hours longer than the age of you dog (in months) when they are a puppy. 3 months+2=5 hours at maximum the pup can be left in a crate. Don’t bother crate training before that age because the puppy needs to go out alot and will have accidents. Introduce him to the crate by putting treats and a blanket in there then close the door for 5-10 minutes at a time.
    The obedience lessons should come around the age of 6 months – 1 year.

  11. greekman said :

    I start doing Ob with my dogs when they are about 6 weeks. At that point is not called training but imprinting. I do it with a toy and it works great. By the time my dogs are 4 months old they know the basics of obedience and it makes training easier. As far as crates, I crate train all of my dogs as well and I am not a big believer in day cares as they yend to have too many dogs there and teach things that I do not want my dogs to learn


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