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What is the food you could eat everyday and not get sick of?

For me it is chili. I can eat that everyday and not get sick of it like I could with other foods if I eat too much of it. Mainly because can do so much with it and keep up a different change of it from regular to using it with something. What is the food you can eat everyday and is, well, obviously your favorite, too?

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20 Responses to “What is the food you could eat everyday and not get sick of?”

  1. allie said :


  2. one_goofy_devil said :

    potatoes!!!!! anyway anyhow loveeeeeee them!!

  3. Ali said :

    Mine is Qdoba or chili.

  4. KBKIDZ said :

    Corn on the cob. Yum, want some now.

  5. Kimmy said :

    Crabmeat ragoons. Lol. my new addiction….and definately cheese which is something I eat almost everyday

  6. recovering christian said :

    Chinese (the American fast food version thereof)

  7. januaris_ros said :

    Spaghetti! Has to be my own secret recipe, though.

  8. beautifull103087 said :

    I love crabs(seafood). I could eat that every day and could eat it different ways.

  9. I'm in love said :

    french fries and ice cream

  10. MikeL said :


  11. hmstarr said :

    mashed potatoes

  12. Barry C said :

    Steak! I love steak…vegetarians are missing out!

  13. Caligrrl777 said :

    Grilled Chicken Breast!!!!! Especially when its Fahitas!!!!!! I defenitely recomend Chili’s or El Torito for the best fahitas!!! Yum!!!!! It’s making my stomach growl even though i just ate like a whole bunch!!! 🙂

  14. intelligentny said :

    ICE CREAM!!!!

  15. *~PiXiEdUsT~* said :

    Pasta! I love pasta. Although I wouldn’t want to eat it with the same sauce everyday.

  16. LMB said :

    spaghetti or any fruit yum, I also like chili.your right about being able to put it with alot of stuff such as chili dogs or chili Fry’s or you can eat it with or without crackers.but for me its gotta be fruit lots of fruit.fresh fruit at that I could live off it an you can`t get old of fruit theres to many different kinds but if I had to brake it down to just one thing it would have to be grape fruit I love it I put alittle sugar on it an I could eat it for ever, OK well now I am getting real hungry an so is the little one in my belly so I hope this answered your Q.

  17. Maddy said :

    Avocados. I could eat them every day and not get tired of it.
    That and cheese, but I’d have to have all different kinds of cheeses.

    Oh, and if drinks count, COFFEE. I can and do drink it every single day!

  18. Blasian said :

    For me its Bulgogi and Sushi. I can eat it everyday and never get tired.

  19. boycat99 said :

    Good ol’ bacon and eggs with hash browns and bakery bread toast. I could eat that 3 times a day. Just rotate bacon with sausage or ham occasionally and maybe rotate the hash browns with grits.

  20. Rachel said :

    i could make such a big list of things like that
    i could seriousley go years with just eating one type of food
    yorkshire pudding
    scalloped potatoes
    carrots and ceasar dip
    maceroni and cheese
    chicken wings
    lilydale chicken breast

    and yes i seriousley thought about this question im not just nameing foods that i like

    i could never live off tacos or chips or anything like that..
    i’de end up getting sick of it way to easy although once in a while is good


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