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what is your favourite food and why?

mine is chilli chicken
i like it cause it is spicy and saucy!!!…
and it has intense flavor!!

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6 Responses to “what is your favourite food and why?”

  1. griff said :

    Chili because my dad makes it sooo good!

  2. SW33TPHR34K said :

    seriously, there’s a sushi bar that my mom takes me to when my dad goes on business trips. so…its SUSHI 😀

  3. TNF1 said :

    Mexican chicken tacos with green souce!

    U put cream and cheese on them

  4. Dawn H said :

    chicken curry i love it hot and spicy with a lovely soft naan to dip in the sauce and of course a freezing cold beer.

  5. diablo said :

    Eggplant Parmesan. I grew up eating it, and it never gets old.

  6. ~*~ said :



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