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What kind of food would be considered dehydrated?

I have this Life Science home work and it asks me to find a dehydrated type of packaging or preservation method of a food. I don’t know what kind of food would be considered dehydrated? Can you please help me!

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3 Responses to “What kind of food would be considered dehydrated?”

  1. BOBBER said :

    I dehydrate apples pears banana’s and peaches as well as vegetables.

  2. Scott said :

    A dehydrated food means that the water has been removed from it. Fruit is often dehydrated–you’ve probably had dried apples or banana chips. Raisins are dehydrated grapes. Jerky is dehydrated meat. When you make hamburger helper, the vegetables in the mix are dehydrated.

  3. Angie P said :

    dried soup mixes, dried fruit ,jerky,most of the prepackaged food on the market are dehydrated that simply means dryed and needing a liquid added to it to eat hope this helps


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