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What kind of gifts would be appropriate for a Thanksgiving Dinner invitation?

I’ve gotten invited to a friend’s Thanksgiving dinner. I’m the only one coming that’s not family, and there would be about 12 other people there. I’m going to be coming early to help out with everything, but I still want to give a gift to show my gratitude. What would be appropriate and practical? I would prefer it to be something that can be used during the dinner, but I would greatly appreciate any ideas!

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5 Responses to “What kind of gifts would be appropriate for a Thanksgiving Dinner invitation?”

  1. JanetH said :

    Sparkling cider (for the under aged or non drinkers), Thanksgiving kitchen towel and pot holder set, jewels for stemmed glasses. Candles! I would Love to get things like that!

  2. RICKY said :

    try this out, i m sure they are gonna like this gift
    Family Cookbooks: This gift is excellent for preparing savory, scrumptious mouthwatering dishes for the whole family on Thanksgiving Day.
    happy thanksgiving dude

  3. megan said :

    What about a gourmet gift basket ? It usually make a great impression.

    A gourmet basket usually comes with alot of edible items like cheese, sausage, nuts, crackers, chocolates cookies, wine and etc.

    They are well received and it is another reason why it makes an awesome gift for any occassion.

  4. Esteban said :

    Wine is the easy answer, but how about a special dessert that everyone can enjoy? It is also proper etiquette to bring a small gift specifically for the host/hostess. Something in the $10-$20 range would be appropriate. Here are some cute personalized notepads:

  5. vgordon_90 said :

    If you are old enough to do so, a bottle or two bottles of wine would be nice (or sparkling cider) with perhaps a special dessert or a gift basket.
    After the thanksgiving dinner is done and you have gone home, it would be a nice touch to send a card of thanks to the host family. That will get you lots of points in my book!


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