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What types of mixing tools are there in the kitchen ?

When you’re shopping for your kitchen equipments, mixing tools are a must-have for cooking and baking ingredients. However, some tools are designed to perform a specific function that others can’t achieve, so it is important to know the must-have mixing tools that you may need in the future.

1) Wire whisks – Wire whisks come in various shapes and sizes, but they generally work the same way, except for specialty wire whisks. These tools are used in stirring sauces, beating eggs or folding ingredients.

2) Hand rotary beater – This tool was the original type of beaters that were used in beating eggs and mixing light mixtures like gravy or pancake mix before the electric mixer was introduced into the market. Generally, hand rotary beaters feature mixing blades with a crank handle that is turned in spinning the blades.

3) Electric mixer – This is a must-have for every kitchen because this powerful tool, which runs of electricity, allows you to mix ingredients and beat eggs easier compared to a manually operated mixer. Since it was derived from the hand rotary beater, these tools function the same way, but come in two types – the handheld electric mixer and the stand mixer. The handheld models are used in light duty functions, such as mixing soft dough or beating eggs, while the stand mixer is a more diverse and heavy-duty mixer that often includes various attachments, bowls and other accessories best for baking and cooking. The advantage of stand mixers is they can perform as a handheld model by adjusting the mixer for light mixtures, while handheld models cannot function for heavy-duty use.

4) Food processors – Used mainly in cooking and in some baking needs, food processors allow you to mix foods. Small models can easily mix onions, peppers, nuts and other small items, while larger models can be used in mixing dough.

5) Blenders – If you’re a fan of fruit juices, a blender would be your favorite appliance in the kitchen. Blenders are designed to mix liquids and puree soft foods. They come in different forms, from liquid-only blenders to all-around blenders.

Although you can choose just one from the hand rotary blender and the electric mixer, the wire whisk, food processor and blender should be part of your kitchen. Not only do these tools help in cooking or baking easier, it also saves space in the kitchen.

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