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What’s a good Canadian thanksgiving recipe for deserts?

Something easy to bake. Preferably pie or cake.
What do you like?
Thank you!

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4 Responses to “What’s a good Canadian thanksgiving recipe for deserts?”

  1. toad said :

    Hockey puck stew, eh?

  2. Jo Leclerc said :

    is there any thing else besides pumpkin,apple and pecan pies.
    if there is let me know.although i invented(I think)my very fav. pie. pumpkin pie without the crust.
    make it the same way only use splends for suger and a pryex bowl instead of a pie plate and cook it about 10 mins. longer because it is thicer.

  3. PhilbertFlange said :

    Pets de soeurs (nuns farts) are nice. They’re like cinnamon pinwheels that are made with pie dough. You can also bake them into a sugar pie.

  4. leonard h said :

    Canadian Maple Syrup Pie. Very easy to make, all ingredients available at any Canadian supermarket.,1837,154186-225192,00.html


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