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Why is my homemade popcorn is hard and tough to bite through, how do I make softer popcorn?

I just made homemade popcorn for the 2nd time using a pot on the stove. It is hard to bite through and some of them have a really hard center.

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe using too much oil?


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7 Responses to “Why is my homemade popcorn is hard and tough to bite through, how do I make softer popcorn?”

  1. RichB!tch said :

    put it in for less time.

  2. ♥Ivett♥ said :

    mavbe it’s not done yet? trie to put some butter on it.

  3. Lainey said :

    How old is the popcorn that you’re using? Popcorn kernels do get old and tough if they’ve been sitting too long.

  4. arbpen said :

    Use 1/3 cup popcorn to 2 tbsp oil (olive oil is preferred). Cook the popcorn on MEDIUM heat only! Let a little of the steam to escape, and shake continuously when you start hearing popping.

    The best thing to do is to get the Wabash Valley Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper. I have this, and I LOVE it. Perfect popcorn every time, and no widows or orphans!

  5. Noah said :

    You are either using really old popcorn (buy fresh)

    Or are not letting the pan heat up enough, or not to a high enough temperature.

  6. happy cooker said :

    You asked this question yesterday, did you not get any suitable answers? Throw the popcorn out and get some new stuff. Make sure oil is hot before you put the popcorn in, cover and shake the pot until it stops popping. Use cooking oil. Now don’t make me say this again.

  7. Mountian_Baby said :

    Use yellow corn rather than white. White kernals are tougher.


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