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Anyone have any fun food recipes that would be good for a 2 yr. old?

I am babysitting and the 2 year old wants to make some fun food with me but I dont know what to make. It has to be healthy but good at the same time! And it would be nice if it could be made in at least 30min. So if you have any good, fun, food recipes for a 2 year old let me know! Who ever has the best idea gets 10 points!

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4 Responses to “Anyone have any fun food recipes that would be good for a 2 yr. old?”

  1. Messykatttt said :

    Get some refrigerated biscuit dough and use a sewing thimble to make little teeny biscuits. Kids adore these things. Then he can pick his favorite toppings to put on them. Not sure about cooking time, but generally 5 minutes.

  2. S W said :

    Peanut butter and jelly sandwich… let the kid spread with fingers the peanut butter on toast to make a round circle almost covering the entire piece of bread, then with jelly make eyes and nose, ears and mouth. If he/she likes raisins let him put them in the eyes.
    Eat and enjoy!

  3. maeve J said :

    okay when I was babysitting I used to make pudding….yes instant pudding in a container.
    Just follow the directions and put it all in a sealable container and shake, until solid.
    oh…and shake and bake with fries or potatoes is always fun too!! you can get the little one to shake to their hearts content!!!

    plus you can avoid the kitchen mess of anything sticky or sloppy!!

  4. TX2step said :

    slice & bake cookies are good for that age … just give them a shaker of sprinkles for the top:) …. Or, let them dip veggies into Ranch dressing (my 2-yr-old granddaughter LOVES that) … Sandwich cookies with canned frosting between graham crackers


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