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anything you can recommend to help me learn guitar?

ive been singing my whole life and would love more than anything in the world to learn how to play acoustic guitar. I like music like JEWEL and sheryl crow.. those types of songs.

can anyone recommend a good way for me to learn to play without having to pay someone for lessons? like a program or website? Any help would be great thanks!

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8 Responses to “anything you can recommend to help me learn guitar?”

  1. basmadjules said :

    There are some really great books/videos on learning the guitar (try the library) or google it. Being able to read music and/or carry a tune (ie: Not tone deaf) helps tremendously. After this, practise, practise, practise, etc.

  2. Sharon L said :

    There are several great DVD’s out there. If you try a local music store I’m sure you’ll get plenty of help. You can also download chord positioning charts but the benefit of a DVD is that you can watch how the chords are supposed to be fingered, most come with great books and chord charts and you can view them as much as you need to until you’re confident in what you’re doing. The most important thing to do is get the basics down solid, a good foundation is key to great playing. I also think it’s important to learn an easy to play song to keep your interest, build your confidence and help you get proficient at changing chords. The most important thing is to have fun and keep in mind that Jewell and Cheryl Crow didn’t know how to play the first time they picked up a guitar so be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself! Have fun!!!

  3. shroomtune said :

    I am completely self taught and there are numerous free web resourses that I took advantage of such as Guitar Noise (the best I ever found). There are several others that you can find on your own depending on your progression and what you are looking for.

    There are also several good books you can get (albeit, I have yet to find a musician who can write…they’re terrible really, often confusing, but nonethless ‘helpful’, if that makes any sense…it will). Mel Bay is good and Uncle Tim’s are great reference.

    Eventually you will hit a wall and won’t be able to get any further. You will want to be taught. All professional musicians you can name have teachers, if they are serious about their profession, but what I have given you should get you started. Have fun!

  4. TONY S said :

    Gp to a music store and buy a Cheryl Crow songbook, with the chord diagrams. Learn to play songs. Focus on learning to play songs instead of learning to play guitar.
    Once you learn a couple of songs, you will find that it is easier to learn the ins and outs of the guitar, rather than going about it the other way round.

  5. MeLuff R said :

    ahhhhhhhh copy and past in ur browser this shud answer ur quest!

    tinyurl dot com/3a9cvd

    replace the “dot” wit the actual .

  6. CGIV76 said :

    Get a guitar with a thin neck, and the strings are close to the frets. Pick up a chord dictionary, and learn the 4 basic chords to start with. C, Am, F, G. You can start singing with those 4 chords. You can progress nicely after that. I’ve been playing since the 60s. Any questions?, email me. Good luck.

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