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If you are left handed, how did you learn to play guitar and what do you recommend?

1. learning to play just like a right handed person
2. playing a rightie guitar and switching the strings (i’ve heard this messes up the guitar though)
3. learning to play on a specialy made lefty guitar

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7 Responses to “If you are left handed, how did you learn to play guitar and what do you recommend?”

  1. Tom said :

    lefty guitars are quite common, that would be my choice for starters

  2. Danny said :

    They do make a left handed guitar. That would probably be the best option if you do not want to reverse the strings of a regular one.

  3. thewmas said :

    well if you can do both more power to you. I have a friend that plays left handed on right handed guitar.does chords and every thing..

  4. Mike K said :

    you should get a left handed guitar but you could always switch the strings on a right handed guitar. thats what hendrix did

  5. Left-T said :

    Hi Jessica

    I am totally left-handed and learnt right-handed guitar. The advantage is that , if you play right-handed, that means you are fingering with your strong arm which is the left one.That gives you an edge over real right-handed guitarist.
    But, it’s your choice. I woul study the correct way and taking advantage of that left-hand.

  6. Baroque Dress said :

    Well, I know many left-handed people who play right-handed guitar.
    So I prefer that choice… but you decide 😀

  7. Acrillujo said :

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