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what is your favorite drink to drink in the morning
for me its milk but iwanna know what it is 4 u


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11 Responses to “drink????????????”

  1. thatgirl said:

    I love to have a Coke in the morning . . . but usually I just drink water.

  2. M ♥ C said:

    large coffee light and sweet

  3. Cherri C said:

    I have 2 or 3 cups of hot tea with lemon.

  4. missy. said:

    Water 🙂

  5. Altaf Gilani said:

    It’s none other then a strong cup of tea to get refreshed and work efficiently.

    Tea gives me strength to ride my bike to go office…!

  6. Jackie said:


  7. P - Shizzle said:


  8. Rockin 2 Da Beat* said:

    hmm… i ussually have orange juice or iced tea!

  9. daisybloom47 said:

    in the winter when its cold hands down coffee heavy cream but in the summer i rarely drink coffee and i like to drink Milo’s Tea

  10. Maw-Maw said:

    Coffee black with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar…

  11. PrivateSchoolGirl;] said:

    Okay, for some people milk tastes flat in the morning. Like me. But i LOVE having a coke It’s so refreshing. :]].


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