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How can I learn to play guitar or drums?

Can I teach my self or what tips n help please? I just wanna learn how to play guitar or drums so help thanks:)

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5 Responses to “How can I learn to play guitar or drums?”

  1. somone said :

    Well guitar is like, you have to learn theory and stuff, so you have to be a bit smarter, its a stereotype that drummers are dumb, but drumming probably is easier, everyone will disagree but all you have to do with drums is practice with a metronome all day, come up some beats with good rhythm, and your good, guitar is like, every now and then you’ll have to learn some theory, and its like, “WTF, THIS IS SO COMPLICATED!!1!!!one!”, well sometimes is is anyway….

    (Btw, drums are loud as hell you don’t realise until you play one, you could have problems with neighbours/parents)

    and yes you can teach yourself both instruments, but with drums you should probably either spend some times with someone who plays/ a teacher and get your technique perfect or you’ll end up with all sorts of crazy bone/muscle/back/wrist problems.

  2. Alexander said :

    Hey, I tought myself how to play both. 🙂 for guitar, go on, and on the left click beginner’s course, and theres going to be about 300 video lessons. That helps alot. Also, when i bought my electric guitar it came with The Rock House Method DVD, which is really helpful. For drums, go on and sign up for the secret lessons or something…. youll get emails with videos. Once you learn how to read drum notation, get a book called Mel Bay’s Modern Drum set. (i think thats what its called) It comes with a DVD. The book has loads of things you can play to practice. FINALLY, the best thing you can use to teach yourself both guitar AND drums is YouTube. For example, if you want to learn how to play Holiday by Green Day. Just search Holiday Green Day guitar, and youll find lots of videos showing you what you need to do. For drums, just watch covers, and try to see what theyre doing. Even though it goes by fast, most of the time, drums are repetitive so itll happen over and over again in the song. so you should have any problems. If you have any other questions email me 😉
    Hope I helped

  3. John said :

    okay ”someone” is a dope (no offence to you)

    i will post my saved answer it will answer a good lot of Q’s

    alot of people i see here post things such as ”i taught myself piano its easy”
    let me say any instrument is easy, but to properly play it & understand what the heck your doing (this helps your creative process when writing your own stuff) is another different matter.
    i could be taught to recite out 10 basic piano tunes, but give me the likes of Mozarts music & ask me to use certain techniques that are heard on piano. i would fail (as would all the people claiming ”its easy”)

    the problem with teaching yourself guitar (or any instrument) is that alot of people give up they get frustrated. (supposedly 90% of self taught musicians quit)
    also alot of people can ”play” guitar, ie bang out a few songs & intros eg starirway to heaven.
    guitarists are a dime a dozen, everybody plays guitar (heck i play guitar) however a decent guitarist is hard to find this is where you can benifit from lessons.

    Lessons are definitely a great idea, a teacher can show you techniques & correct you. i still get corrected over things i do at my lessons.
    alot of the internet resources aren’t that great, again it is alot of amateurs with bad technique or looking to make a quick buck.

    every music autobiography i have read (& i read quite a fair bit of them) the guitarist/any instrument, has gotten lessons at some point.
    there are a rare few virtuoso (ie talented) people who didn’t get lessons but even at that they start practicing with other people who have got lessons & learn off them.
    As somebody said those ”guitar for dummies” are great, however that is as a side tool to reference to. not to just teach yourself, at a glance you learn the basics but when you study those books they can get quite complicated & a teacher can clear any questions you have.
    a teacher also encourages you to practice & gives you set goals.

    PS try not to ask people to give you the chords to a song, its better if you can work them out yourself it creates an ear for certain notes. however make sure what you are playing is correct.

  4. UncleFreak said :

    you gotta have natural rythym first of all , or you’ll just get bored and put it down,, be it drums or giutar, i’m self taught and just learned by practicing and by watching others, basically copying and having a natural ear for music,, it came naturally to me, but !, lol, i never learned how to read it from sheet music, that’s the only part of music i didn’t do, i still can though. just like learning another language. exept it’s universal, music is understood by the whole world.

    best to go with what comes easiest, not both at the same time. drums can be costly, unless someone lets you borrow them,, you can buy a cheap acoustic giutar for around 50 dollars, to learn on,, all starts with learning how too tune it up first. it’s fun. go for it !

  5. thekingcankid said :

    Take lessons…


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