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I wanna learn to play guitar. Any tips??

I have a guitar and i can play one song on it but i wanna know more about how to play.

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4 Responses to “I wanna learn to play guitar. Any tips??”

  1. Ego said :

    1) Get a chordbook
    2) Learn to read tabulation and get a fake book of your favorite songs
    3) Get lessons or tips from good players
    4) Learn how the fretboard works. Know which string is which note and how that maps to scales.
    5) Learn to pick out melodies, first by singing the tune, then by copying the notes on the strings
    6) Learn common picking patterns
    7) Get comfortable playing groups of strings together, but not strumming all 6 at once. Separate your playing into bass pattern on top strings, and chords on bottom.
    8) Study different styles of music: Blues, Jazz, rock, Latin, etc. Listen to other players. Understand their technique. Emulate their sound.
    9) Learn music theory
    10) Try out many different guitars, and also different string instruments, to broaden your understanding

  2. Lisa R said :

    take lessons

  3. NJGit said :

    Guitar for Dummies is a good book for teaching yourself. I used it and some friends have used it.

    Once I learned a few chords I searched the net for tab for some songs I knew and found some that had chords that I knew how to play. I just practiced the songs until I learned them. is a good web site with all kinds of guitar lessons and articles. There are free lessons on youtube also.

    Here are some online lesson sites:

    Also if you have the money you may want to try taking lessons. If you have a good instructor then you will learn a lot.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!!

  4. triple O said :

    Brit, I can’t say enough for private lessons. It really advances you swiftly if you have a good teacher. If you can’t afford lessons then practice chords and scales . . .VERY IMPORTANT, and know your standard chord progression. 1,4 & 5. So in the key of “C”, you play the “C” chord, “F” chord and “G7”. And that’s the scales you play C,F, G7.


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