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How can I make white sangria ?

White sangria, or Sangria Blanca, is a delectable and refreshing wine punch. Hailing from Spain, this refreshing beverage is a mixture of sparkling or white wine with the ripest fruit of summer. Try making your own white sangria for a garden wedding, a Spanish themed dinner, or any warm-weather celebration.

Normally, white sangria uses fruits that have characteristic flavors in fruity white wine. Nectarines, peaches, crisp green apples and tropical fruits are all suitable to steep in white wine. To make basic white sangria, slice fruit into small pieces and put in a pitcher. Fill the pitcher with the desired white wine, adding sugar or honey depending on your taste. Let the mixture chill for several hours or overnight for the wine to absorb the fruit flavors. When serving, top off with sparkling wine or seltzer for a hint of carbonation.

Even if Spanish white wines are the usual for sangria, do not be afraid to try out with your favorites. A dry Pinot Gris will pick up citrus taste as well, while a heady gewürztraminer or Viognier will bathe in the sweetness of ripe peaches, adding fragrance to the drink with floral notes. White zinfandel will provide the drink a gloriously pink hue, creating a sunset of colors in each glass. Be cautious of heavily oaked wines like most California Chardonnays; while delicious on their own, the woody flavors may overpower and clash with the delicate fruit.

One admired newer white sangria combination makes use of that remarkable tropical treat, the kiwi. To make delicious kiwi sangria, mix white wine and a simple sugar syrup with a blend of sliced kiwi, green grapes, green apples, and lime or lemon juice. For a wonderful added kick, add about 1 cup (8 oz) of orange flavored liqueur, like Triple Sec or Cointreau. Allow the flavors meld for a couple of hours then serve in tall glasses over ice with a few ounces of seltzer to each glass.

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