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How can I tell which one of my two eggs is boiled?

I have two eggs. One is raw and the other is boiled. I want to eat the boiled egg for lunch and save the raw one to have for breakfast the next morning. How can i find the boiled egg without breaking the wrong egg by mistake?

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20 Responses to “How can I tell which one of my two eggs is boiled?”

  1. Chris said:

    spin it on it’s side

  2. n0cturne74 said:

    put them both in a pot of water. the boiled one will float, the raw one will sink to the bottom.

  3. Tiana M said:

    Hold them both to your ear and lightly shake them. Trust me you can hear which one has stuff in it.

  4. airjarrod said:

    Spin them. Hard boiled eggs spin, uncooked ones do not.

  5. Frederick M said:

    Spin them. The hard-boiled egg will spin but the raw one will slosh around inside and not spin as well.

  6. Live.Laugh.Love said:

    You pick it up and skake it. The one that makes no sound is the boiled one.

  7. justmedrt said:

    Put them both in salt water(heavily salted) which one floats? That’s the boiled one!

  8. biziaka said:

    spin them, which ever one is spinning that is your lunch

  9. simplesimon1111 said:

    This is kind of a quirky answer, but it works.

    Put both eggs on the counter (table, whatever). Spin the eggs. The egg that spins faster is boiled. This is because it’s insides are solid and not sloshing around, thus reducing the speed the egg is travelling.

    Hope that helps! Happy eating!

  10. Mawia said:

    Spin the eggs on a hard, smooth surface. The one that wobbles is raw, the one that spins like a top is boiled. My dad used to do that ALL the time when we were growing up because my mom never marked the eggs she had cooked.

    :- )

  11. ad l said:

    put them both in a pot of water. the boiled one will float, the raw one will sink to the bottom!!

  12. Logan said:

    shake them, you will here a little “jigly jigle jiga jew” from the raw one. he he he he.

  13. COLTOR said:

    the boiled one will sink and the uncooked one will float.

  14. Guy H said:

    Try spinning them like a top,
    A raw egg won’t spin — because of the yolk flopping around inside. A boiled one will spin.

  15. MMiles said:

    Rock Paper Scissors….lol Actually, like someone mentioned, a oiled egg will spin faster then one that isn’t.

  16. Tybee_Surfer said:

    Hold the against the refrigerator light. The raw one will look a little yellow / orange. The boiled one will be solid, and you won’t be able to see any light through it.

  17. NBForrest said:

    spin them in a pan of water the one that floats and spins is the hard boiled one.

  18. Joyful Christian!!~ ~*^^*~ said:

    Shake both of the eggs. The raw one will make a sound because of the yolk, but the boiled one won’t because the yolk is cooked too.

  19. orf1943 said:

    Put them on a table, and give them the Gallagher Sledgomatic test. You’ll have one heck of a mess to clean up, but at least you’ll know which one was boiled.

  20. RanaBanana said:

    Hold them up to the light. You’ll be able to see the yolk inside the raw egg.


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