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How do I use a gel food coloring like a normal, liquid food coloring for Red Velvet Cupcakes?

I have this recipe for red velvet cupcakes and it says to use 2 oz of red food coloring, but I only have the gel food coloring formula. Does anyone know how to get the gel to mix well with the cocoa powder??
It says the cocoa powder and food coloring should make a thin paste, but with the gel I’m not getting any kind of paste… : (

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2 Responses to “How do I use a gel food coloring like a normal, liquid food coloring for Red Velvet Cupcakes?”

  1. Blue hills Granny said :

    Food coloring is available at the grocery stores in the baking aisles they also carry a 4 pack with red green blue and yellow, some stores especially here in the south carry the 2 oz bottle of red alone because red velvet cakes are so popular down here .At Walmart in the cake decorating aisle they have paste coloring which is much stronger for coloring frostings you would use much less but also a food coloring. with the paste use a toothpick and just a smidgen at a time until you achieve the desired results but if it is liquid like the kind you get in the grocery, you use the entire bottle(2oz) I have never use gel but you can mix the gel with your liquid ingredients like eggs ,milk, vanilla etc

  2. cookingkay1955 said :

    You should nt have to make a paste just mix it in. It will be intense then the liquid food coloring. The coloring only colors the cakes so you wouldnt have to blend it with the cocoa when making it.


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