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What is a good food processor to use for making baby food?

What I am using now doesn’t break up all the food. It leaves small chunks and I want to use something that will really break down the food and make it smooth. I add plenty of liquid. Any good websites for info also?

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6 Responses to “What is a good food processor to use for making baby food?”

  1. :D said :

    use the magic bullet (blender)

  2. Leah said :

    its called a blender.

  3. Willie said :

    we always used a blender

  4. French guy said :
  5. Damien M. Cross said :

    In order to get a truly smooth pureed product, you’re best off using two items: 1) a food processor to do the bulk of the dirty work and 2) a fine mesh strainer.

    1) Cook the food thoroughly, until it is fork tender – i.e., you can start mashing it easily with a fork.
    2) Put the cooked food in the food processor, reserving the liquid in case you need to thin it out.
    3) Puree the food until all of the big chunks are gone.
    4) Transfer the food to a fine mesh strainer (over a bowl) and force the food through the strainer using a rubber spatula or a spoon.
    5) If necessary, use some of the cooking liquid to thin the resulting paste. If desired, you can push the food through the strainer again.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  6. Erin W said :

    Vita-mix, they are the best blenders on this planet. They can smooth anything. They use them at Jamba Juice, that’s how great they are. You can puree, and ensure your baby there will be no hard pieces, or chunks. However they are super expensive. 500.00+, you can get a used one online, or a refurbished one they sell on their website. Google Vita-mix.


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