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How do train a dog that has really bad behavior?

My uncle has this horrible dog about a year old, the dog is a rat terrier. He eats the door, table, shoe, heel of a shoe (if it’s a high heel), anything that’s on the floor, how do you train him? If you have any videos, links, anything, tips, please do.

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9 Responses to “How do train a dog that has really bad behavior?”

  1. Mojo said :

    You can buy bitter apple spray from pet stores that you spray on the things that he chews.

    Vinegar works too.

  2. Phoenix said :

    it sounds like his problem is mostly chewing. Does he have a lot of chew toys of his own? It’s very important for dogs to be able to chew.
    Praise the dog when he chewing on “his” things. Yell “no” and stop him when he is not.
    There is also a bitter apple spray that doesn’t taste good but is totally harmless. You can spray it on things like the door. When they taste bad and his treats taste good, plus he gets praised for chewing on them, he will turn to good behaviors.
    I hope this helps. Our dog used to do the same thing. Now she’s really good.

  3. Animal Lover said :

    Well what i would do is get him some toys to keep him busy is this when your there or when you leave need more info. I can help i train hunting dogs so let me no and i will try to help as much as i can

  4. R4zor said :

    put a leash on him and correct. Or pick up all the items he chews on and deter him from things like the door, etc. You can try the bitter apple method ( i hear works great).

  5. Carolo43 said :

    Terriors are nuts. They are fast as the wind and hyper and hard to train. That dog needs to have stuff picked up off the floor. If you don’t want him chewing stuff up, get it up away from him. When he grabs something, say NO, and hand him a raw hide.

    You may have to do it 100 times but stick to one basic word, NO, and not yell or scream as it makes them more hyper. If he’s young, he’s got some bad habits to grow out of and new teeth coming in.

    Lots of chewies, rawhides, toys, etc.

  6. Bethany said :

    Enrol her and you in a puppy class, it is the most efficient and structural setting for older dogs or even puppys.
    And also socializes the dog.
    Gd. luck


  7. Lan57 said :

    buy him his own toys. when he starts chewing something you don’t want him to, say “no” or “no chew”, firmly, take the item away, and give him one of his toys that he can chew on and say something like “good chew”. BE CONSISTENT that is the biggest thing.
    I have a 5-month puppy and she still occasionally (less than 1/week) goes after my house shoes and pens but she doesn’t chew on much of anything else that is not hers. never the furniture or parts of the house.

  8. Ellen said :

    If he does this only when people are out (especially the door), he may be ill-at-ease about being left alone, or bored.

    Management comes first – not just so your uncle’s things won’t be destroyed, but also so the dog doesn’t get a chance to practice the behavior. Every time he gets to chew the humans’ stuff, he “learns” it’s OK.

    So, a thorough cleanup and always keeping things out of his reach is needed.

    If he ever gets hold of something he shouldn’t have, don’t chase him to get it — that really teaches him that grabbing your stuff leads to fun.

    Then, give him lots and lots and lots of things he is permitted to chew. Make those things exciting by playing tug and keep-away (in either direction) with them, if they are a good size for that (don’t play tug with a small toy — even a dog with great control might get a tooth on your hand while doing that).

    There’s even a taste/smell you can spray on his toys, to make them appealing and mark them as “his” —

  9. DogHelper said :

    Wow. I know your situation may sound bad at first, but I don’t think it’s an impossible fix. This dog obviously needs some training. But I would not send the dog out for the training. You can do it yourself and save hundreds of dollars.

    Here is a sight just for dogs with behavior problems. It offers several training guides that will teach you how to train the dog.

    Once you get to the site, scroll down to the bottom where you will find a product that offers video training -just like you were asking about.

    It is called: Click on “End Bad Behavior Videos”

    Hope this helps! Yours is not a lost cause. Dogs really can change with the right instruction. You are probably the best one to help since you already know the dog.


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