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Can dog obedience training really solve dogs behavior problems?

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10 Responses to “Can dog obedience training really solve dogs behavior problems?”

  1. paintedrain2 said:

    Really depends on the behavioral issue, but in most cases, it may not CURE the issue, but will help it become manageable.

    No matter the issue, it’s definitely suggested to give training a try, before getting rid of the animal.

  2. hannah w said:

    i guess it could if it were good enough, but I think it is better if the owner trains them! but obediance school could be a good idea 4 a dog!

  3. Ashley T said:

    it depends on the dogs age and how u treated it when it was a puppy but my uncle who lives in england owns a puppy academy

  4. kyle.keyes said:

    Yes. Most people I know who have taken
    their dog to obedience school have been
    pleased with the results.

  5. skippa_10 said:

    Modern dog training focuses more on achieving desired behaviour rather than making the dog obey every command. It’s a fun way of spending time with your dog and also serves as a good way to socialise your dog. This is very important.

    Go ahead and try it. It’s fun and you will learn a great deal.

  6. sam hill said:

    dog obedience trains you. you will understand after you go through it. Sooner the better

  7. PAUL C said:

    No. It’s their owners who must receive training. A dog will never be more ‘noble’ than its thoughtless owner.

  8. Nightflight said:

    In most cases I would say Yes, since most of the time the behaviour is from the dog thinking it’s the boss of you and not the other way around.

  9. READER 1 said:

    It depends on the problem you are having with your dog. If it is a very aggressive dog and tries to bite everybody. The training school may not work. I have a dog that was very aggressive. I had a trainer come over and my dog went right for her. She had me purchase a large squeezable mustard bottle. I had to empty it for her. I also purchased some vinegar. She mixed the vinegar with water and when my dog went for her she sprayed it in the eyes. It turned her around real fast. The dog is a lot better, when she tries to revert back all I have to say is I am going to get the bottle and she gets as gentle as a rabbit. I would hate it if some one was to try and come into my house uninvited. This will burn their eyes a little and is only temporarily. Also if you miss your target it will not stain any thing you hit.

  10. foot_n200 said:

    I would think so. But you can confirm that by going to There you will know all about dogs behavior problems and dog obedience training.


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