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How do you make a virgin drink from a margarita drink mix?

I see margarita and other alcoholic drink mixes at the store all the time. I read the instructions on how to prepare the drink and all of them say to add an ounce or two of rum or vodka (duh). I was wondering how you would make a virgin margarita from these drink mixes. Serving the drink mix straight would probably make it really sweet or at least strong since it wouldn’t be “watered down” by the vodka. But on the other hand, vodka (I’m told) is flavorless, so wouldn’t adding an ounce or two of water or club soda give it the same taste?

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5 Responses to “How do you make a virgin drink from a margarita drink mix?”

  1. nina said:

    Adding a little club soda or ginger ale adds a good flavor for virgin drinkers.

  2. ShouldBeWorking said:

    I always think the best substitute would be a soda, like gingerale, or even a lemon-lime soda like 7Up. If you are particularly looking to make a margarita, you could just make it a frozen margarita,and by the time you mix the flavoring with all that crushed ice, it would be fine. But if you’re looking for something not blended, then I would go for soda, or tonic water at the very least. Not plain water, that’s for sure.

  3. Kel said:

    Just dont put the liquor in it and taste it if it taste to strong try addin a little club soda(or whatever u like). Most places just skip the liquor when makin virgin drinks tho. Experiment you may find better ways of making it;)

  4. FL LMT said:

    I want to suggest something here: don’t buy the mixes in the store. They are really too sweet, and, without the alcohol, I’m guessing will taste like you’re drinking a lime-flavored Life Saver.

    It’s *really* easy to make a virgin (or regular) margarita without the mix. Squeeze two limes, course salt (for rim of the glass), ice….and for the virgin drink, a dash of bitters or orange juice with club soda or water. For your regular margarita, you’ll need Triple Sec (1/2 oz.)and Tequila (1 1/2oz.).

    You’ll be happier you did it this way.

  5. sleddingsister said:

    dont add the alcohol.

    Yes you can add club soda, water, juice and i usually add gingerale….yummie..shave ice with it…eat it like an italian ice…you can also add fruit to it…and put in the blender with ice….

    be creative!


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