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How Long Does It Usually Take To Learn Guitar?

I am going to join the school band next year, and I want to do Guitar, but I won’t be able to sign up until June for lessons. I’m brand new and I won’t know if i’ll have the basics down by September(when school starts). Do you think i’d be able to learn a few chords in two-three months worth of weekly lessons? Based on an average student’s speed.
Yes I already have a Guitar and I plan on looking up a few tutorials and tips online but I’m going to get weekly professional lessons. Thanks you guys!

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10 Responses to “How Long Does It Usually Take To Learn Guitar?”

  1. k said :

    I would say sit down and learn how to tune and some basic chords with a beginner book and a cd or you could look videos up on youtube.

    do you already own a guitar?

  2. Left-T said :

    If you practice on a daily basis, you should play a few chords, do some strumming. It depens on the WILL and how much love you have for the instrument. The secret is to practice daily at least 15 to 20 minutes even if you don’t feel like it. Eventually, the fingers will get accustomed and you will form callouses much faster.

  3. ~Ariel **Loves Anton Yelchin♥** said :

    With the right learning tools, i’d say about a year or less.

  4. Lily Evans said :

    Quite some time, likewise with any instruments. If you are a fast learner, It should be fine, I suppose. My friends brother is amazing. He learned the amount of piano that many learn in 6 years, in 6 months!!!!

  5. Roxas said :

    you can acomplish anything if you set your mind to it….phsshht ok no lets get serious yes you can learn it that fats you may not be the best but you will have the basics down and im pretty sure they will teach you since it is your fist time

  6. Andre said :

    Absolutely. You won’t be a guitar God in a couple of months, but you can definitely learn a few chords.

  7. Steve said :

    You’ll be fine and know enough to sound good in that amount of time. If you can get lessons, that will help. Start doing what you can now, and practice just playing around with a few basics. Remember that it is all about repetition, so get as much practice as you can. You don’t have to go crazy, but if you can get 1/2 hour to 1 hour in, you will learn enough to get a few songs under your belt and impress your friends.

    Good luck, you’ll do fine.

  8. Shadow Guitarist said :

    At the end of the day, how fast you learn depends on your own abilities and whether or not you have the right resources. But to answer your question briefly – yes, you will more than likely be able to learn a few chords in 2-3 months. My advice would be to get the basics sorted and not be over-zealous on learning flashy guitar techniques. Start off by learning the basic chords, then move on to barre chords. Afterwards, learn the pentatonic scale in all positions of the fretboard. Once you’ve done that, start learning the major scale. That should take you up to the 3 month mark!

    My tip would be to practise with a metronome to develop your sense of rhythm – this is real important if you’re planning to play in a band to stay in sinc with the other players. Also listen widely – absorb everything that you hear and don’t be afraid to venture into genres such as classical and blues. A great guitarist is always a great listener.

    Hope that helps,

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  9. Cameron said :

    it’s just a matter of how much time and commitment you put into learning, you need to be really dedicated. and if you are getting frustrated over learning like if you can’t play something, it just takes practice, just don’t stress it, if your committed and you practice, you’ll eventually get better and better

  10. jonb said :

    I think the summer schedule you are planning will be enough time to get you ready for band in September. Sounds like fun. Good luck!


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