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How much would it cost to learn guitar, piano, and drums?

Either how much would it cost to learn them all at the same time, or learn them separately. Also, any good places to go to learn them?

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3 Responses to “How much would it cost to learn guitar, piano, and drums?”

  1. Pyra said :

    the price is going to vary depending on your location and the skill level of the teacher, if i was you i would buy a dvd or something which teaches you on a computer or something so you know the basics and the notes then you should be able to teach your self, that would be best for piano and possibly guitar but for drums try and get lessons. try searching for lessons in your area and go from there =]

  2. A teenager~ said :

    I don’t have an exact number, but it would be rather expensive. I was taking guitar lessons but we had to stop them because we were kind of short on money. That was almost a year ago, and I’m going to start them again soon. Every place is going to have different prices, including for other instruments. So you might want to see if you can learn one or even two by yourself. Maybe you could find out if you know anyone that knows how to play one of those already.
    ~Good Luck

  3. atfc08 said :

    Its not so much the money cost as the time you will have to spend!if you put in enough practice, you dont need as many lessons as teachers make you believe…
    especially, if you are not planning on become a pro, you can get away with buying a few dvd’s on learning how to play… then spending time on it..
    I find that all lessons really do is show you the right technique,, after that lessons are really just “guided practice” ie they watch you as you practice and tell you if you hit a wrong note etc.

    Lessons are roughly about £20-25 per hour lesson.. i dont know what that is any other currency

    Good luck and enjoy your playing!!


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